✽ we are currently taking requests again ✽ 
✽ we make gifs and transparent banners ✽

✽ banners with rare fonts will be posted HERE

✽Banner Break✽
hey lovelies<3 its been over a year since we have been doing banners ✽1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY✽ we have loved seeing our "artwork" on your blogs and everything but for now we will take a little "banner break" until MARCH 10-15 (:
As for requests, keep requesting, (MUST FOLLOW US) you now our priority are the submissions that were first sent so when we come back the sooner you submit the sooner you get a banner back. just dont expect a banner before
December 2013 ✽✽

xo -Vanexebanners

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Hey, this is Paula, Laura and Jacque from vanille-blossom and we make banners, you can choose from the ones below (MUST GIVE US CREDITS AND FOLLOW VANILLE=BLOSSOM) but we also make them upon request, just ask